Wednesday, August 13, 2008


do not seek
from others
it may never come...

then what?

giving thanks

so today, after almost 3 months of being unemployed, i was at my lowest due, no idea where i'm finding the balance, getting cabin fever from being at home, feeling useless and worthless, struggling to stay positive and hopeful. my sister christina, after trying to encourage me, simply said she's be positive for me....this struck a chord in my heart. i began to ponder the nature of love, the reality of life and the journey it entails, the people who come into your life to stay, weather the storms and hang tough.....i started to give thanks...again.

then my phone rang....had to go through some gymnastics to respond since my cell phone was acting up...finally contacted the caller and was offered a ob i had interviewed for a month ago....all i could think was: THANK YOU!!